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For over 15 years, we have been much more than just an equipment provider. We specialize in Fueling Industry Solutions  and whether we are filling a retail fuel accessories order, or working on a large scale fueling or lubrication system, we are committed to providing the best solution for our clients each and every time.

Based in Milford, Nova Scotia, we have a fully stocked warehouse, and are able to offer same day shipment of most orders throughout Atlantic Canada.

We continue to grow and expand our product lines and are always watching for innovative products for the petroleum and DEF industries.  Our in-house experts have built and designed multiple fuel, lubrication and DEF storage and dispensing systems, and have a long history of successful projects right across Atlantic Canada.

Multiserve carries all types of equipment including pumps, dispensers, reels, mobile fuel tanks and more for the following fluid handling needs:

  • Gas, diesel and other fuels

  • Lubricants (oils) and grease

  • Windshield washing fluid, antifreeze and other water based products

  • Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

  • Waste oil

Multiserve also carries a variety of additional equipment lines for the petroleum industry, including:

  • Cardlock systems

  • Petrovend systems

  • Service station accessories (signs, merchandisers, product ID tags, etc.

  • Spill kits and other absorbent items (pads, booms, floor dry, etc)

Types of Gasoline
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