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DEF Pump Accessories


SuzzaraBlue Gravity Kit 2" NPT
Container Valve RSV 2.5" x 5 B
PDC Coupler
Bottom Connection Kit 2" NPT
Downtube RSV 49”
Micro Matic RSV Coupler
6" IBC Cover ( Single or double)


K24 DEF In-Line
K24 Digital Flow Meter for DEF with a turbine measuring system. Easy to install in-line or at the nozzle, equipped with an easy-to-read compact screen.


SuzzaraBlue A60 or manual
Manual or automatic nozzle suitable for dispensing DEF. Available with swivel.
The Piusi SB325_X is the patented automatic nozzle-meter by Piusi for DEF. It is composed by an innovative technopolymer casing, a break-away system, a stainless steel spout and the available integrated Piusi K24 meter with +/- 1% accuracy.


3D Filter
Piusi 3D Filter for DEF cleans diesel exhaust fluid during transfer to prevent contamination of the catalyst. These filters are made available for use with DEF transfer pumps and kits such as the Three25 and the new Rotary Hand Pump. Replacement cartridges available.


Bulk DEF Hose
If there are any products that you are looking for that you cannot find, please give us a call and let us help!
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